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As a lover of men and women, I adore couple sessions. With men, I love feeling feminine and vulnerable in their presence. From their strong embraces and masculine touches, I delight in sexual energy. With women, I relish the sensual and visual of the feminine form, the emotional closeness and special female bond. Couple bookings give me an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds and I am always almost too excited when I receive an enquiry for one!

My interest in joining couples started before I became an escort. It was one of the things that I had wanted to try since the day I knew I was bisexual. But it had taken me a long time before I finally met a couple where both people were attracted to me and whom I feel comfortable with. My first couple play turned out to be all that I had dreamed of. He knew how to multitask (gentlemen, take note!) and she was the most delicious thing that certainly knew her way around the female body. I was spoilt rotten from the very start.

As both of them were keeping me busy, I lost count of how many orgasms she and I had in that long lustful session (and he swore he was the luckiest man alive). Since that day I have joined many more couples in my personal life as well as professionally as an escort.

What I enjoy most in couple bookings is being able to help partners share an adventurous sexual experience of a threesome, knowing that I have added a little spice to their relationship and made their life just a little richer.